Richard McCreery - 2003 Reilley Award

Richard McCreery received his B.S. degree  (Chemistry) in 1970 from the University of California, Riverside, after completing three years of undergraduate research in the laboratory  of Professor Donald Sawyer.  He received his Ph.D. degree (Chemistry) in 1974 under the direction of Professor Ralph Adams at the University of Kansas, working on neurochemical applications of voltammetry. He then joined the faculty in the Department of Chemistry at The Ohio State University, where he has remained until the present day. 

Rick has contributed  to a number of areas in electroanalytical chemistry and analytical Raman spectroscopy. A main research thrust over the years has been the development of spectroscopic techniques to probe electrochemical processes, with the goal of relating electrode surface structure to electrochemical reactivity. Of particular interest have been carbon electrode surfaces, for which Raman spectroscopy can provide surface and bulk structural information.  An additional application of surface spectroscopy has been a multidisciplinary project on anticorrosion coatings for aircraft alloys; in which the surface chemistry of chromate species is an essential component of understanding the effectiveness of commonly used aircraft coatings. 

His present research is focused on molecular electronics; in which modified carbon surfaces are integrated into electronic circuits. Monolayers of molecules, covalently attached to the electrode surfaces, serve electronic functions such as memory, photoreception and switching. He has published 160 refereed scientific papers and has recently published a book on Raman spectroscopy entitled Raman Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis.  He has received several notable awards including a Sloan Fellowship, the ACS award in Electrochemistry, an OSU Distinguished Research Award and an Ashland Chemical Research Award. Other than a sabbatical in England, Rick has remained at Ohio State for his entire academic career, living in Columbus with his wife, Jane, and three children, Ian, Anna, and Helen