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Larry R. Faulkner - 1998 Reilley Award

    Larry R. Faulkner, currently Professor of Chemistry, Provost for Academic Affairs of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has been elected by the Texas Board of Regents as the 23rd  President of the University of Texas at Austin, and will be taking office by the end of April 1998.  Larry Faulkner was recognized by SEAC for his numerous contributions in the area of electrogenerated chemiluminescence and the discovery of the magnetic-field effect on triplet-triplet annihilation in liquid solutions as well as for the development of a “cybernetic” electrochemical instrument, for elaboration of multimolecular systems with controlled chemical and structural architecture and for the development of ultrafast electrochemical methods to study electron transfer kinetics.
     Larry Faulkner’s Award Address was entitled “As Our Science Opens Its Third Century”. This perspective offered by one of the most insightful and visionary electroanalytical chemists was followed by four presentations on a common subject concerned with various aspects of electroanalysis and electron transfer kinetics.