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      2022 Awardees

    • Paul Bohn, University of Notre Dame, is the recipient of the 2022 C. N. Reilley Award in Electroanalytical Chemistry.

    • Justin Sambur, Colorado State University, is the recipient of the 2022
      R. W. Murray Young Investigator Award.

Charles N. Reilley Awardees

2021 Keith Stevenson
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia)

Shelley Minteer
University of Utah


Joseph Wang
University of California, San Diego


Pat Unwin
University of Warwick (UK)


Juan Feliu
University of Alicante (Spain)


Reginald Penner
University of California


Hubert Girault
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Joe Hupp
Northwestern University


Andy Ewing
University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University

2012 Debra Rolison
Naval Research Laboratory
2011 Richard P. Van Duyne
Northwestern University
2010 Richard M. Crooks
University of Texas, Austin

Charles R. Martin
University of Florida

2008 Héctor D. Abruña
Cornell University

George S. Wilson
University of Kansas


Mark E. Meyerhoff
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2005 Alan M. Bond
Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Adam Heller
Unversity of Texas at Austin


Richard McCreery
Ohio State University


Christian Amatore
Ecole Normale Superieure


Richard P. Buck
University of North Carolina


Henry S. White
University of Utah


Janet G. Osteryoung
North Carolina State University


Larry R. Faulkner
University of Texas at Austin


Dennis Johnson
Iowa State University


R. Mark Wightman 
University of North Carolina


William R. Heineman 
University of Cincinnati


Barry Miller 
Case Western Reserve University


Dennis Evans
University of Delaware


Stephen Feldberg 
Brookhaven National Laboratory


Stanley Bruckenstein 
SUNY Buffalo


Jean-Michel Savéant 
Université de Paris VII


Theodore Kuwana 
University of Kansas


Royce W. Murray
University of North Carolina


Robert A. Osteryoung 
SUNY Buffalo


Fred C. Anson
California Institute of Technology


Ralph N. Adams 
University of Kansas


Allen J. Bard 
University of Texas


Royce W. Murray Young InvestigatorAwardees


Robbyn K Anand
Iowa State University

2020 Martin Edwards
University of Utah
2019 Alex Martinson
Argonne National Laboratory
2018 Parastoo Hashemi
University of South Carolina
2017 Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez
University of Illinois-Urbana
2016 Ryan White
University of Maryland
2015 Thomas Hamann
Michigan State University
2014 Stephen Maldonado
University of Michigan
2013 Bo Zhang
University of Washington
2012 Lane Baker
Indiana University at Bloomington
2011 Jill Venton
University of Virginia
2010 Christy L. Hayes
University of Minnesota

Not Awarded

2008 Shelley Minteer
St. Louis University
2007 Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Williams
Pennsylvania State University
2006 Keith J. Stevenson
University of Texas at Austin,
2005 David E. Cliffel
Vanderbilt University
2004 Jeffrey W. Long
Naval Research Laboratory
2003 Julie Macpherson
University of Warwick
2002 Andy Hillier
University of Virginia
2001 Eric Bakker
Auburn University
2000 Merlin L. Bruening
Michigan State University
1999 Daniel Feldheim
North Carolina State University
1998  Greg Swain
Utah State University
1997 Ingrid Fritsch 
University of Arkansas
1996  Lou Coury 
Duke University
1995 Mark Anderson 
Virginia Polytecnic Institute
1994  Adrian C. Michael 
University of Pittsburgh
1993  Leonidas Bachas 
University of Kentucky 

Werner Kuhr 

University of California - Riverside

Submission of Nominations for Reilley and Murray Awards

Nominations for the Charles N. Reilley Award, the Royce W. Murray Award are due April 1, 2021 (no fooling!). All nomination materials requested below should be emailed as a single pdf to:

Professor Richard M Crooks
The Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
The University of Texas, Austin

The Charles N. Reilley Award in Electroanalytical Chemistry is given in memory of one of the most distinguished analytical chemists of the 20th century. Reilley's interests were both fundamental and broad; he made seminal contributions not only to electroanalysis, but also optical spectroscopy, NMR, chromatography, data analysis, instrumentation, and surface analysis.  Candidates may be nominated by any member of SEAC.

Nominations for the Reilley Award should include a letter of nomination describing the individual's significant contributions to electroanalytical chemistry, at least two seconding letters of support, and a curriculum vitae for the individual.  All nomination materials will be retained by SEAC. Once nominated, the nominee will be considered for the Reilley Award for a total of three years without being re-nominated.  However, an updated vitae should be given to the chair of the award’s committee. The submission of additional supporting information or a re-nomination is welcome at any time prior to the 2022 award nomination deadline of April 1, 2021.

The Royce W. Murray Young Investigator Award is named in honor of one of the most distinguished electroanalytical chemists in modern history and one who was particularly supportive of young scientists. Nominees for this award must be within ten years of receiving their Ph.D. or other terminal degree as of the nomination deadline. Candidates may be nominated by any member of SEAC.

Nominations should include a nomination letter describing the individual's promise in the area of electroanalytical chemistry, at least one seconding letter of support, and a curriculum vitae for the nominee. All nomination materials will be retained by SEAC. Once nominated, an individual will be considered for the Murray Award without being re-nominated for three years, unless the nominee is more than ten years past awarding of their Ph.D. or other terminal degree. The retained nominations can be updated annually by the nominator as needed to best reflect the nominee's accomplishments to date. The decision for the 2022 Murray YI Award will be based upon the material that was available to the award committee by April 1, 2021.

Nominations for Graduate Student Travel Awards

NOTE: Graduate Travel Awards will not be given this year.



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